We welcome you to the unique Thalgo world of health and beauty. This French brand uses unique beneficial properties of sea water, flora and fauna, creating first-class preparations. Harmoniously combined innovative ingredients provide optimum care for skin at any age. Each Thalgo treatment is a nourishing swim in the sea garden of beauty. It is a brand of well-being and the world of Thalgo is a world in which everyone will find a way to themselves.


Purlés is a combination of the forces of nature, traditions of beauty care from all around the world and the innovative biotechnological thought. This reflects a broad spectrum of natural wealth that surrounds us. It shows its diversity through a kaleidoscope of ingredients - the gifts of nature, the natural treasures of fundamental importance for care. This ceremony provides an exceptional relaxing and spiritual experience like a journey into a land of beauty, perfecting not only beauty, but also moving senses. Discover the secrets of Purlés wealth.

Ella Bache

Ella Bache is a French brand that grew out of the women's dreams and needs. It offers you the unique products developed on the basis of the cleanest and best quality plant ingredients from different parts of the world and the sensual scents that will delight even the most demanding cllients. Ella Bache cosmetics owe their uniqueness primarily to full understanding of individual skin needs at every stage of its life, and precisely matched care necessary to preserve the health and beauty of every skin type.

Give in to the moment of luxury and set off with us on a journey into the sea garden of care and relaxation...